Flying Areas in Turkey

Foreword to our list of Turkish paragliding areas

All information is first-hand. Which means we were there personally and are familiar with the local conditions at the time of our visit. Turkey is very big – too big to travel to all flight areas regularly and it may well be that there have been changes in the respective area in the meantime.

We are therefore happy to receive any feedback from you on the news and are happy to include it in our Website.

Personal recommendations for accommodation, restaurants or other tips

We also give our personal recommendations for accommodation, restaurants or things to do in each area.

Our recommendations and tips for restaurants and hotels are definitely an alternative to holiday portals or classic blogs, which are more from a tourist point of view, or sometimes “sponsored”.

We are concerned with tips for appropriate accommodation, which we believe is worth recommending. Sometimes this is also a “cheap dump” if we think there is a spirit worth experiencing. Therefore, always read our description carefully!

Above all, we are friends of good food in authentic surroundings. Therefore, our “Local Food Advices” are also intended as an alternative to classic rating portals. Here, too, we recommend it for a variety of reasons. Sometimes just the very cozy and authentic locality or, above all, traditional regional typical food. The tourist standard is not our goal here. Even if it is very difficult to communicate in English in some of these restaurants, we are sure that you will be well looked after there and that they will make an effort to look after you.