Alanya – great flying in your family holiday

Family Holiday and great flying condition – all in one

Suitable for…
Beginners, advanced, XC, safety training

Best Season
all year round

Altitude difference:
0-612m ASL

Accessibility of the starting places by…
by car, 4×4 or Hike & Fly

Landing on the beach, flying over water, automatic life jacket and cutter knife required.

Since Alanya is one of Turkeys most visited touristic destinations it offers, in addition of great flying conditions, an amazing infrastructure for a combined family and flying holiday. You will stay in your perfect venue taylor made for your family situation and budget and land on the same beach where your family will enjoy.

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Happy family – happy pilots!

Alanya is THE perfect spot to combine a family holiday with great flying. No need to say that Alanya as one of the most visited tourism destination of Turkey offers everythiing you are looking for to make your family happy. On top you will find a good flying area with very realiabe flying condiions and decend potential of soaring based XC-excursions.

2 take offs are reflecting the general hill site of the montain coast line. They offer a take off altitude of 363 and 612 meter ASL. From both of them you will land on the same landing place on the beach.

After taking off you will soar in lift of the ridge of the coast line. Even moderate thermic lift can be found. Good enough to keep you up in the air for hrs but without over stressing you on normal days. After flying over the crowded city you will reach the landing site on the beach. Be aware to reach high enough to get over the palm trees of the beach road before langing on the beach.

If you fly direct you will reach the sea with enough altitude for some maneuvering around before landing. Be aware that flying over water requires an automatic life jacket and cutter knife for emergency situations.

In thermic active days you can experience smaller XC-excursions along the coast line. Just be aware you have to get over the dense town of Alanya before you can land on the beach.

Take off sites at Alanya , summery

Note that flying over water always requires an automatic life jacket and a cutter knife! This can also be rented on site on daily base.

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Take off Alanya 1, SW, 363 m

Paragliding in Alanya. Perfect combination of flying and family holiday. Easy flying conditions and very reliable.
CoordinatesN 36°33’58.95″ E 31°58’43.93″
Altitude ASL:363 m
Altutude difference361 m
TransferCar, Hike and Fly
Landing areaLanding Area
N 36°33’18.30″ E 31°58’11.84″
RemarksSpacious take off with artificial gras

Take off Alanya 2, S 614 m

Paragliding in Alanya. Perfect combination of flying and family holiday. Easy flying conditions and very reliable.
Diection S
CoordinatesN 36°34’34.91″ E 31°58’14.90″
Altitude ASL614 m
Altitude difference612 m
Transfer Car, 4×4
Laning areaLanding Area
N 36°33’18.30″ E 31°58’11.84″
Remarks Artificial gras. Toilet at the launch site

Easy flying area to cobine good flying with family holiday

Alanya offers great flying conditions a mix of smoth to medium dynamic and thermal lifts for extended flights to hours long session in the air. Not the best coice if you want to go on ambitious XC-flights. But for a combined holiday of flying and family holiday, probably the best location in Turkey.

“If the family is happy – flying is happy” – if you understand this words in your own context, Alanya for you is the place to be.

Alanya is probably offering the most days of flying per year. Even in Winter you will have good sessions due the daily wind system due to the sea-land-wind system. So it is a all-year round flying destination. Even in winter holiday you will have decent conditions in summer-like holiday weather conditions ofter i.e. X-mas holiday. And even if Alanya is facing low season in winter time as well, the town does not fall completely dead like other paragliding destinations in Turkey (i.e. Ölydeniz). Alanya will provide you and your family everything you will need in your holiday – even in winter.

Tandemflights and basic SIV training under English supervision are offered by local paragliding schools.

Paragliding in Alanya. Perfect combination of flying and family holiday. Easy flying conditions and very reliable.

Pilot level 

Independent pilots, minimum requirement IPPI P4

In Alanya you will find 2 take offs – 614 and 314 m ASL – both with landing on the beach. The 314 m site is bigger and offers enouh space for 2 gliders. Often used as well by foreign paragliding schools.

The upper one is bit more narrow more flat and with a drop at the end of the take off. But in return a fantastic view over Alanya is for sure. It offers only place for one glider. As usual, prepare on the side and only go to the take off once you are ready. Comercial tandem Pilots are often using the upper one and are in priority.

Guiduing: Availability & Pricing

Experienced pilots

The mix of dynamic and thermal lifts invites you to long sessions. In winter you can practise your feeling and technics for thermaling in light conditions. Often you will reach the sea with enogh altitude to play a bit around. Special safety rues for flying over water are advised such as carrying an automatic life jackes and a cutter knife.

Several local schools offer basic safety training in English by experienced trainers.

Tandem flights / Passenger flights 

Several local tandem pilots offer passenger flights for locals and guests. These are conducted by professional passenger pilots in English and Turkish.

A tandem flight in Alanya is available from 50.- €, including transfer to the Takeoff.


Paragliding lessons are offered by various local flight schools. This is certified by the Turkish Paragliding Association and offers you the training as part of the issuance of a Turkish flight license.

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24. December 2022

Lovely flying area. I was there last winter. Take-off is a bit flat, and you should be careful in no-wind conditions. First, flying above the green zone, then the city and then landing on an endless beach just in front of the hotel was priceless🤗


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