About us

Our Mission: Creating Your Paragliding Holiday Experience in Turkey

We are your missing link for you as international Paragliding Pilots planning or considering  flying in the amazing conditions in the country without limits for Paragliding Adventures

If you are planning to fly in Turkey, We are the first address, to provide the required information to connect you with local pilots, professionals, hotels or other service providers

With our great on site knowledge and experience we help you to put things together in order to ensure a great Holiday Experience in your paragliding holiday and give you valuable information of additional attractions and activities along your journey.

You want to combine Paragliding with other spots i.e. golf, diving, biking or skiing? We know where to go and create your tailor made package for you and your family

There are countless possibilities to combine your hobby with a visit to the most impressive cultural sites on earth. A visit to the ancient city of Ephesus, the vulcanic sediment towers of Kapadocia or the traces of cultural life along the Lycian Way will change your understanding of culture, religion and human history permanently.

All Levels

Tell us your level and we will be able to give you our best travel recommendation in Turkey. 

Easy flying locations with predictable and reliable conditions where you can enjoy your flying hours and gain confidence in calm air or strong thermals in a country which offers breathtaking XC-Conditions with new adventures even for well experienced and ambitious XC-Pilots. 

– We will get you to YOUR PERFECT SPOT.

We are your first contact for Paragliding journey / activity in Turkey:

For your independent Paragliding Holiday

If you are planning or considering an independent paragliding holiday in Turkey just get in touch with us. No matter if you want to stay in one location or want to do a self driving round trip. Because we ensure to make the very best out of your Flying Holiday in Turkey. Based on your requirements and needs we will develop your taylor made journey. No matter if the full focus is on Paragliding or just want to embed some days of great flying along your family or business trip

For your Tandem / Passenger Flight Booking

You always wanted to live the everlasting human dream of flying? We arrange your Paragliding Tandem Flight in Turkey. Because we will provide you with Turkey’s best Passenger Pilots. No matter if you tell us the preferred location in Turkey based on your Turkey Trip or you need a recommendation where to travel in order to have the best Flying area. We make your Paragliding Flying Experience in Turkey.

For your Guided Paragliding Holiday

No matter if you just want to have on-site guidance in the Flying area, providing you the essential information, or you want to have a full time guided holiday on a very personal level. Just get in touch with us and we put things into reality for you.

We are your Specialized Tour Operator

As Para-Pilots we understand your very special demands and needs during your paragliding holidays. Most of them are not answered by classical big scale Tourism companies, which are mainly focused on mass tourism and standard tours. 

We speak your language and terminology if you want to know more about regional and local thermal systems, air spaces and wind ranges

Benefit from our rich and special knowledge of the Paragliding spots in Turkey and the small advised which make a big difference in your holiday. 

This is us

 – Alex, *1976, German, & Ayse, *1982, Turkish – we are full of love and passion… Love and passion for us, our Sports and the environment where we are blessed to perform them. 

Our experience

Together we have a wide experience in sport education, tourism business, international business management and personal sport history since we can think or walk

As part of it, we have over 15 Years Experience as holiday maker in Extreme Sport / Water Sport Tourism. We are founder and owner of Kiteboarding-Oman – the first internationally approved Kiteboarding Center in the Gulf Region, including hosting and organizing various international (water) sport events not only in the Sultanate of Oman.

We have established the regional branch of the Tourism B2B Booking System CS-Network in the Gulf region. A B2B Booking and payment handling system specialized for EU Tour Operators. 

In total 14 Years of Experience in B2B and B2C Tourism-Business

Training License for youth and adults of the German Sport Association, Licenced Instructor, Center Manager and Water Sport Assistance by the International Water Sport Association VDWS. Passionate Paragliding Pilots and much more…