Ören, Milas – Fly into the Blue

Paragliding above the Gulf of Gökova

Milas-Ören Landeplatz vor dem Hintergrund der Lagune und des Küstenklippe

Suitable for...
Beginner, Intermediate, Soaring, SIV

Best season:
all year round

Altitude difference:
0-505 m ASL

How to get to the Take Off
Car or Transfer or Hike & Fly

Landing on the beach, flying over water, automatic life jacket and cutter knife required.

Hot tip: pack your swimming trunks in your harness!!

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The soaring paradise right by the sea

Ören-Milas is an absolute gem among the paragliding destinations in Turkey if you are looking for a charming and secluded location.

In 1.5-2 hours you can reach Ören, a small seaside town, by car from Bodrum Airport or Dalaman Airport.

Ören is a small fishing village with a Mediterranean spirit and it welcomes its guests with the charming sailing port. The coastal mountain line behind the village is a perfect soaring edge. It is affectionately called “The Sleeping Woman”. Anyone who has seen them with their own eyes will recognize them again and again in a wide variety of colours.

The colors reflected by the sea, topography and sun exposure are incredibly intense and make the area appear in different moods throughout the day. Those who start from the perfectly groomed artificial turf slope at lunchtime can hardly distinguish the horizon line between sea and sky in the deep blue. The soaring flights in the sunset then take place in front of a fabulously golden backdrop.

You fly straight over the marina, bay and cornishe and land on a spacious landing pad next to the beach. For excursions along the soaring edge, there are plenty of outside landing options available at all times.

The take off above the marina is 505 m asl. It faces south but alows to launch almost 180 degrees east to west. So it reflects all wind direction in the typical course of the day. The generous launch site, perfectly prepared with artificial turf leads direct to a shart dropping cliff. A good glider control before you get in to the the take-off phase is required. Set yourself an imaginary aborting line before the end of the artificial turf. An extension of the western part of the launch site is being planned. Even the radio mast is to be replaced in that context.

The landing site is only 50 meters from the sea. Carrying swimming trunks in the harness is therefore an absolute must!

More info about the cosy fisher village Ören you will find here

Ören Take Off, overview

Flying above water

Note that flying over water always requires an automatic life jacket and carrying a cutter knife!

Windrichtungen zum Gleitchirmstart in Ören Milas OSO-W

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Kocadağ, Ören – Milas, SSE-W, 505 m ASL

Take off directionOSO-W
Take off typeSlope
Spacious, perfectly groomed artificial turf launch site in front of a cliff.
Suitable for beginners but you have to set yourself a safe abort line well in front of the cliff. Danger from rotor in east and west winds
Coordinates37° 2’19″N 27°59’15″E
Altitude ASL:505 m
Altitude difference505 m
TransferCar / transfer, Hike and Fly
Landing areaLanding area
37° 1’33″N 27°58’17″E
Outside landing area on the beach or emergency landing area 37° 1’46″N 27°58’22″E (watch out for passers-by)

Hours of soaring in stunning colors

Dominated by the land-sea wind system, the wind turns from east over south to west in the usual daily cycle. Quiet glides in the morning and afternoon. The thermal conditions midday and early afternoon hours are quite turbulent for beginners. In the evening winds turns to the west. The further it turns to the west, the more turbulent it gets on the massif.

The alternativ slope to the west side is currently under development. 

The landing area can be seen from the take off and offers plenty of free space for the approach. The beach in front of the landing field offers even more space if your approach gets a bit short in order to pass the palm trees safely. The open space in front of the cafe serves as a further, but rather second-best landing area in town with the danger of passers-by. But this is to be considered as an emergency solution if you don’t have enouugh hights to rech the landing area and you are already over the village.

Ören-Milas, the sleeping woman in the colors of sunset

Pilot level 

Independent pilots, minimum requirement IPPI P4

The take off in Ören is perfectly prepared so that even beginners can easily take off. Nevertheless, you should consider about the cliff start in advance (start abort line / strong updrafts after take-off).

Flight over water / landing beside water

Flying over water requires an automatic life jacket and a handy cutter knife.

When landing outside on the beach, it is essential to land at a sufficient distance from the water. Laying down the glider in the water can quickly become life-threatening, even in light swell.

Guiduing: Availability & Pricing

Experienced pilots

XC-Excursions in extended soaring tours offer a lot of variety. The area is therefore well suited for mixed groups such as club travel events and flying school trips.

Tandemflights / Passanger flights: 

Various local tandem pilots offer passenger flights for locals and tourists alike. These are conducted by professional passenger pilots in English and Turkish.

A tandem flight in Ören costs €125.- , including the ascent and photo/video documentation.


Some local flight schools use the area to train IPPI2-4 level pilots. There are no classes offered for international guests.

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Trustworthy and Professional Paragliding Experience in Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Rated 5 out of 5
22. November 2023

Having experienced paragliding in Ölüdeniz 25 years ago, safety concerns were a significant worry. However, my recent encounter with the German team of instructors has completely transformed the experience.

Their dedication to safety standards is unparalleled. The professionalism and trustworthiness exhibited by the team have substantially elevated the paragliding scene in Ölüdeniz. As someone who experienced the area’s paragliding years ago, I can confidently affirm that this team has set a new benchmark for safety and reliability.

From the moment I arrived, their thorough safety briefings and attention to detail instilled confidence. The instructors’ competence was evident, making the entire experience exhilarating yet secure. The care they demonstrate for both the sport and their patrons is commendable.

I highly recommend this German team to anyone considering paragliding in Ölüdeniz. Trustworthy, professional, and dedicated to safety, they’ve made paragliding in this beautiful location an absolute delight. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Evren Isler

One of the best experiences ever

Rated 5 out of 5
22. November 2023

It was an amazing experience. The organization was great, and the hosts were amazing. I highly recommend it.


Einfach nur beeindruckend

Rated 5 out of 5
28. March 2022

War hier 4 Tage soaren – unglaublich beeindruckende Farben.

Kommen sicher wieder!