About Turkey

About Turkey

So much more than perfect paragliding conditions. A journey back thousands of years

Flying in Turkey is excellent, but you will experience much more as a tourist in this overwhelmingly beautiful country. We will take you on a journey back thousands of years. Turkey is a spot where civilisations have met throughout history. So, it is not only about paragliding.

Turkey’s meaning in the history of most great cultures and religions is evident in many archaeological sites. Many of them are well-developed and available to the public. Many nations and civilisations have their roots in Anatolia. And have left their open and hidden traces and footprints everywhere in the country. It is a powerful timeline of history visible to everyone who visits Turkey, and everyone interested in that will be pulled deeper and deeper from one A HA-moment to another… 

Key Facts of Turkey

Turkey has a unique geographical position where it settled on two continents.

This beautiful country is easy to travel to. It has a modern network of roads and will bring you safely everywhere you want.


Although seas surround it on three sides, three Turkey is at the same time a predominantly mountainous country. About a quarter of the surface has an elevation of over 1,200 meters. Approximately 85% of the land is at least 450 meters high; the country’s average altitude is 1,332m. Generally, its mountains and hills are spread in all directions. However, Turkey’s high mountains are on the East side of Turkey. The highest peak is located in the East, close to the borders of Armenia and Iran. Mount Ararat (Ağrı) is 5,137 meters high.


According to The World Factbook, Turkey is the 17th, with the longest coastline of 7.200 km. 

Population and settlement

Turkey is appx. 785,350 sq km (Germany 357,580), and the population is around 83.6 million per the Turkish Statistical Institute. Most of the population lives in Turkey’s most prominent three cities: Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir (about 26 million). 24.9% of the population lives in rural areas, and %74.1 live in urban areas. The people and traffic are pretty low if you travel outside the main town.


As per the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the most significant number of visitors are from Russia, then Germany, and follows Ukrania, Bulgaria, and Iran. In 2019 just before the pandemic, around 52 million people entered the country. 

Compiled from the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Turkish Statistics Institute data.

Political System

The political system in Turkey is a democratic parliamentary republic system that allows more than one political party based on social justice and the rule of law in a secular constitution.

The Turkish language is the official language of the state. Ankara is the country’s political capital, but many consider Istanbul the country’s economic prosperity.

Turkish Food – Local Restaurants, the epicures’ heaven

Besides its cultural history, Turkey is famous for its food

The significant food variations can be explained by the fact that almost every city has its kind of Köfte (Meatballs). The Vegetarian version of it is Mücver. In addition, there are around 110 different soups in Turuisine, inherited from Ottoman Cuisine

Vegetarians or Vegans

Vegetarians or Vegans will find a never-ending selection of Meze, an appetiser or main dish –  cold or warm. Many restaurants have a yummy meze buffet. Often too big, you could eat every single dish in the same meal. 

Meat Lovers

Meat lovers will find a great variety of meat dishes. A plurality of choices expands towards the east side of the country. Every town has it’s own “must eat” based on location, vegetation, and other circumstances. So you taste the region where you travel

Even in the smallest Restaurant, perfectly grilled meat and vegetables will be just a joyful juicy add-on to your holiday. 

From its brunch to your glass

Fresh fruit juices are offered almost everywhere. This new taste of the area where you are will be directly served to you from fresh juiced local fruits. You will love it!!!

Your travel through Turkey will not be full of great flying adventures; it will be a culinary journey you will never forget, and your hips won’t forgive that easily. 

Local Bussiness

Often the small local restaurants, inconsiderable in their first appearance, offer outstanding local food. Mostly they have a tiny menu or even serve a few selected daily dishes. Suppose you want to taste authentic, genuine, local food. In that case, those are the places to eat, and even if communication might be difficult, they will be super happy to welcome you as their guest and give an arm and a leg, infamous Turkish hospitality, to make you happy


Respect as guests in very local and authentic places demands an appropriate dress code. Local sites might have separate areas for men only and families. You shall be welcomed and offered a table usually when you enter…

Topography – a Paradise for Paragliders and the place to be

Turkey’s impressive topography is formed by three different surrounding seas, the mediterranean sea, the black sea, and the Aegean Sea, with more than 8100 km coastline and eight major mountain lines in a general east-west alignment and peaks up to 5000 m altitude. The topography results in  3 different climate zones and various local and regional weather systems... 

It builds the foundation of unbelievably diverse agriculture, forms huge differences in external conditions for personal and social life, and forms an impressive landscape for those enjoying mother nature’s beauty by doing their favorite sport or activity. No matter if you come for sea-based water sports like sailing, surfing, or kiting, land-based activities like biking, trekking, or hiking, or you are spending your time in the air as a paragliding pilot who enjoys Turkeys venues with an elevation of up to 2300m between take-off and landing zone. Turkey is the place to be!!

General Safety Situation

So far, Turkey has stood out as a country with a comparatively low level of violent crime.

More than 5 million tourists from Germany enjoy their holiday in Turkey each year. Tourists return safely after the great Turkish hospitality amuses them.

Turks will openly and curiously welcome you outside the crowded tourist attractions.

Tourists shall be aware of pickpockets or trick frauds as in other countries. 

Carry always limited cash with you. In addition, copies of your travel documents should be carried with you to store the originals in a safe place. 

So consider average accurate, common-sense safety measurements compared to any other travel country. 

Recommended Preparations

International Health insurance

Travel insurance coverage as well rescue costs

For more Travel information and advice, please check the original published report of your origin Foreign Ministry. 

Medical support / Hospitals

In General, Turkey has well-developed Health Support – especially private hospitals, which are on high international standards. Hospitals are spread over the entire turkey and, in case of an Emergency, a well-reachable distance.

There is something called health tourism. Around 500,000 foreign patients travel to Turkey yearlytravel to get medical treatment or assistance. Since Turkey has a well-developed health system, it is provided quality treatments for reasonable prices in many disciplines.

The emergency numbers

  • Traffic Police: 155
  • Medical emergency/ Ambulance: 112
  • Fire: 110
  • Cost security: 158 
  • Forest Fire: 177
  • Health Consultation and for Covid 19 Cases: 184

ADAC-Notruf Türkei: +90 216 560 07 24

General Behavior

Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country. Therefore, it is advisable to adapt your behaviour and clothing to local customs away from the tourist bathing beaches and especially at religious and cultural sites.

In certain places such as cemeteries, religious sites, or private properties, taking photos is sometimes undesirable for the population and security forces. If necessary, obtain permission to take pictures.

During Ramadan, restrictions exist outside the tourist areas, and eating, drinking, and smoking may not be tolerated.

Police & Military 

Since there are variously uniformed and civil security authorities, an outsider may find it difficult to assign them. But, in general, the security authorities must be followed.

It is not permitted to take photographs of military or other security-serving facilities of a military or civil nature, as well as of border installations and members of the security forces.

Political involvements

Stay away from political events, demonstrations and generally from large gatherings of people.

General understanding of Sustainable Tourism

Take nothing but photos, and leave nothing but footprints!


Drug offences are severely punished in Turkey: 10 to 30 years in prison for importing/exporting drugs and drug dealing in the country (such as heroin, cocaine, morphine, base morphine, bonsai, marijuana, and ecstasy). 

Export of cultural goods

Since the acquisition, possession and export of ‘cultural and natural goods’ are considered state property, they are punished with imprisonment for up to ten years. However, in the event of violations, tourists are also granted several months. This can also include corals or clamshells purchased on the market, which could be under nature protection or antique goods with an unclear origin.

Camping / Mobilehome

Campers should not stay overnight in remote areas. Instead, please use developed and guarded camping sites and enjoy the advantage of the required Infrastructure.

A list of camping places you will find here: 


Border Crossings – in Context of Paragliding

Borderlines that are barely noticeable in Europe anymore are still a strong, valid, and legally meaningful separation between different countries. 

Be aware that crossing borderlines accidentally by a Paraglider is an illegal border crossing in most parts of the world that can have severe legal consequences, even if crossing the borderlines within the European Alps back home is a daily routine.  

Legal border crossings from or to Turkey overland, by sea, or by plane are possible on official border crossings. However, a border crossing to Greece over land is not possible. 

Special Travel Situation – not recommended areas

Not recommended are travels to the border area of Turkey to Syria and Iraq, in particular to Diyarbakır, Cizre, Silopi, Idil, Yüksekova and Nusaybin as well in general to the provinces of Hatay, Kilis, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, Batman, Bitlis, Bingöl, Siirt, Muş, Tunceli, Şırnak, Hakkâri und VanBatman, Şırnak, Urfa and Hakkâri.

  • Based on the general travel information of the German Foreign Ministry, August 2020. More info you will find here

Extended Travel advice

Arrests, prosecution, and entry or exit bans usually occurred in connection with statements critical of the government or opposition work on social media. It can also be based on accusations of insulting the president. And even if this was performed outside of the country.

This mainly affects German/EU citizens with close private and personal ties to Turkey, as well as people who are or were active in Kurdish associations in addition to German and Turkish citizenship.

In Addition, the accreditation of many journalists was denied without justification. Furthermore, according to German legal understanding, statements covered by freedom of expression can lead to measures restricting the profession and criminal proceedings in Turkey.

Our Statements and Info are based on the travel information of the German Foreign Ministry from August 2020 and our personal experience.