Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Babadağ

West extension of the Western Taurus-Mountains

Suitable for…
Beginner (limited), advanced, XC, safety training

Best Season
all year round

Altitude difference:
0-1939m ASL

Accessibility of the starting places by…
Cable Car, 4×4 or Hike & Fly

Landing on the beach, flying over water, automatic life jacket and cutter knife required.

The best-known paragliding flying area in Turkey is very well attended despite its size. The tandem industry in particular has become massively established there. Hectic activity prevails at the take-off sites and commercial pilots have also reported unsavory behavior towards occasional pilots who need a little more time. For those who can handle it, Ölydeniz is insane flying area. For the occasional pilot, the situation can be associated with a lot of stress.

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A paragliding area that leaves nothing to be desired

Ölüdeniz / Fethiye is THE famous paragiding Mecca in Turkey and well known to pilots all over the world. The year-round flying paradise for paragliders – and those who want to be – is always well attended. On busy days it literally rains “nylon” on the landing pads on the beach.

4 different take offs are covering all wind directions that occur on the mountain. They are distributed along the ridge at altitudes ranging from 856 m to 1939 m ASL. Around noon reliable thermal sources develop great thermals along the mountain flanks, while you can see the Aegean Sea in fabulous colors from the air.

Neighboring ridges offer quick connections for your first XC excursions. You fly over the most photographed sandbank in Turkey, and after landing right on the beach, the new cable car, which was specially built for aviators, takes you back up in no time. Even dreams not yet dreamed come true here.

After starting from the highest take off you reach the sea with a remaining alltitude of 1100 m above the sea. This is not the only reason why Babadag / Ölüdeniz is one of the best places for safety training. The conditions for SIV training are perfect, especially in the morning and evening hours when the air are calm.

Take off sites at Babadag in Ölüdeniz , summery

Note that flying over water always requires an automatic life jacket and a cutter knife! This can also be rented on site on daily base.

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Take off Babadag 1, SW-W, 1719m

CoordinatesN 36°32’20.74″ E 29°10’10.98″
Altitude ASL:1719m
Altutude difference1715m
TransferCable Car, 4×4, Hike and Fly
Landing areaLanding Area
Ölüdeniz: N 36°32’43.43″ E 29°07’24.45″South: N 36°31’53.15″ E 29°07’37.35″
RemarksStarting place paved with interlocking stones. Toilet at the launch site.

Take off Babadag 2, SE-SW & N-NE, 1939 m

Diection SE-SW, N-NE
CoordinatesN 36°31’48.60″ E 29°10’53.01″
Altitude ASL1939 m
Altitude difference1935 m
Transfer Cable Car, 4×4, Hike and Fly
Laning areaLanding Area
Ölüdeniz: N 36°32’43.43″ E 29°07’24.45″South: N 36°31’53.15″ E 29°07’37.35″
Remarks Toilet at the launch site

Take off Babadag 3, SW-W, 856 m

KoordinatenN 36°31’42.57″ E 29°09’02.74″
Altidude ASL856 m
Altitude difference852 m
Transfer4×4, Hike and Fly
Landding areaLanding Area
Ölüdeniz: N 36°32’43.43″ E 29°07’24.45″South: N 36°31’53.15″ E 29°07’37.35″

Take off 4, N-NE, 1784 m

CoordinatesN 36°32’14.00″ E 29°10’21.00″
Altitude ASL1784 m
Altitude difference1780 m
TransferHike and Fly
Landing areaLanding Area
Ölüdeniz: N 36°32’43.43″ E 29°07’24.45″South: N 36°31’53.15″ E 29°07’37.35″
RemarksStarting place paved with interlocking stones. Toilet at the launch site.

Take off 5, SW-NW, 1192 m

Coordinates N 36°32’57.00″ E 29°09’21.00″
Altitude mASL1192 m
Altitude Difference1188 m
TransferCar, Hike and Fly
Landing areaLanding Area
Ölüdeniz: N 36°32’43.43″ E 29°07’24.45″South: N 36°31’53.15″ E 29°07’37.35″
RemarksAlternative take off, toilet at the launch site.

Perfect paragliding conditions for extended thermal flights

With perfect paragliding conditions, Ölüdeniz has been the main destination for para-pilots from all over the world visiting Turkey for years. Every year in late summer the Airgames take place here in Ölüdeniz on Babadag. – One of the largest international paragliding events in the world. A must for anyone in the area and more than just a possible option when planning a holiday during this period.

Most of the guests come between April and September and enjoy extensive thermal flights. However, winter is a good alternative for beginners who like it quieter and those who want to come to SIV training under English supervision. Many hotels in Oludeniz are closed in winter. However, even in winter there is still a selection of hotels that leave nothing to be desired.

Various flight schools offer lessons, safety training and tandem flights.

Pilot level 

Independent pilots, minimum requirement IPPI P4

With 5 different launch sites, Ölüdeniz / Babadağ offers the greatest possible variety in your paragliding holiday. The various launch sites cover pretty much every possible wind direction in this area.

Almost 2000 meters of altitude make even simple descents in calm air pure pleasure and in the morning you have a great chance to see the cloud cover breaking up on the mountain from above.

In the summer months, strong thermals can develop around midday/afternoon. Depending on your level, these hours should be avoided to avoid being overwhelmed.

Guiduing: Availability & Pricing

Experienced pilots

As an experienced pilot, you have countless opportunities to go on an XC tour along the neighboring mountain flanks and to plot your flights on your GPS. A popular route is via the west ridge from Oludeniz to the islands and back. You can enjoy the impressive colors of the south-west coast of Turkey throughout the flight.

Several local schools offer safety training in English by experienced trainers.

Tandem flights / Passenger flights 

Several local tandem pilots offer passenger flights for locals and guests. These are conducted by professional passenger pilots in English and Turkish.

You can book a tandem flight in Fethiye / Ölüdeniz from US$185 including photo / video documentation. Cable car and transfer costs to the take-off site is not included.


Paragliding lessons are offered by various local flight schools. This is certified by the Turkish Paragliding Association and offers you the training as part of the issuance of a Turkish flight license.

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Trustworthy and Professional Paragliding Experience in Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Rated 5 out of 5
22. November 2023

Having experienced paragliding in Ölüdeniz 25 years ago, safety concerns were a significant worry. However, my recent encounter with the German team of instructors has completely transformed the experience.

Their dedication to safety standards is unparalleled. The professionalism and trustworthiness exhibited by the team have substantially elevated the paragliding scene in Ölüdeniz. As someone who experienced the area’s paragliding years ago, I can confidently affirm that this team has set a new benchmark for safety and reliability.

From the moment I arrived, their thorough safety briefings and attention to detail instilled confidence. The instructors’ competence was evident, making the entire experience exhilarating yet secure. The care they demonstrate for both the sport and their patrons is commendable.

I highly recommend this German team to anyone considering paragliding in Ölüdeniz. Trustworthy, professional, and dedicated to safety, they’ve made paragliding in this beautiful location an absolute delight. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Evren Isler

One of the best experiences ever

Rated 5 out of 5
22. November 2023

It was an amazing experience. The organization was great, and the hosts were amazing. I highly recommend it.


Toller Spot!

Rated 5 out of 5
8. December 2021

Essen gut, Wetter gut, Wasser warm.


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