Serdivan, Sakarya / Adapazari

Paragliding east of Istanbul – the perfect playground

Suitable for…
Beginner, Intermediate, XC

Best Season
all year round

Altitude difference:
27-226 m ASL

Accessibility of the starting places by…
Car or Hike & Fly

Pay attention to leeward areas when top landing. Priority must be given to the landing pilots at take-off. High voltage power lines in the landing area

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The perfect playground from beginner to advanced XC pilots

Sakarya paragliding area is just 1-2 hours east of Istanbul. The flying area in front of the city of Serdivan – Adapazari – is known among the local paragliding scene because of its proximity to Istanbul and the possibility “to go for a quick session”. Except for the transfer (if needed at all) there are no extra costs here in the flight area.

In the first moment, the 199 m hight difference between the start and the landing is not that big of a deal. But a reliably lifting soaring edge and the thermally promising area make the area attractive from beginner to advanced. If you are able to do top landings, you can land right next to your car at the launch site. And as often as you want…

The area offers endless possibilities for landing abroad and is therefore great for those who want to venture away from the starting point without challanging their flying skills too much.

The wide open orientation of the take off to the north enables starts in direction from NW to NE and is therefore quite reliable to fly in northerly winds. The local tandem industry is of course also active. However, it is not over crowded and there is enough space for everyone on the spacious starting hill. Even beginners can take the time they need without stress.

The Serdivan launch site, overview

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Sakarya, NW-NE, 226 m

CoordinatesN 40°46’22.78″ E 30°20’00.35″
Altitude ASL:226 m
Altutude difference199 m
TransferCar, Hike & Fly
Landing areaHigh-voltage power lines near by.
N 40°46’44.01″ E 30°20’12.10″
RemarksHigh-voltage power lines behind the landing field. Toilet at the launch site.

From beginners to XC cracks – everyone has fun here

The Serdivan paragliding area near the city of Sakarya – Adapzari looks inconspicuous at first glance with its 199 m difference in altitude, but offers everything a flyer’s heart desires. And only 1.5 hours east of Istanbul. As in most Turkish flight areas, the focus of flight operations is on tandem flights from local providers. So it goes without saying that you get ready away from the direct take-off runways and then, by paying attention to top-landing pilots, you enter the actual take-off area.

The take off site is shaped like a dome in the main wind directions NW-NE and offers plenty of space. You will reach safely the landing site on the other side of the road even if there is no lift. However, if there is wind, dynamic lift right from the start will be provided. With thermal mixing also slightly turbulent, but normally nothing that overwhelms.

Beginners will find a carrying soaring edge and a spacious landing area, which, with an altitude difference of almost 200 m, invites you to take off and land several times a day. First trips to the antennas in the background bring the first small flight adventures for the XC newcomer. The advanced pilot can really make a run here, as the area is rich in ground thermals and corresponding landscape to fly along.

Pilot level 

Independent pilots, minimum requirement IPPI P4

The spacious hill invites you to extensive top landing training, where you can safely land and take off againdirect into to the soaring edge. You can really spend hours in the air here without getting bored.

The landing area is spacious. Fly over the connecting road with enough altitude and then decent in front of the landing field.

The 200 meter difference in altitude invites to Hike & Fly. Or with a transfer so that you can relax and gather your flying experience here. Or just put the hilltop in the background with the antennas as target for your first small XC excursion. Thermic is leasy and forgiving here usually.

Ideal for practicing top landings. – Don’t force anything. If that doesn’t work, just fly back to the edge of the soaring and try again.

Guiduing: Availability & Pricing

Experienced pilots

The thermal potential in the area is fruitful but not uncomfortably violent. Many thermal sources open up lots of opportunities for you to fly away. The area is spacious and there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to land abroad. Perfect for the first excursions away from the mountain, but the ambitious cross-country pilot will also find what they are looking for here in comfortable conditions.

Tandem flights / Passenger flights 

Some tandem pilots offer passenger flights for locals and guests through local schools or directly. Professionally conducted tandem flights are offered in different languages and can be booked with us.


Gleitschirmunterricht wird von verschiedenen Flugschulen vor Ort angeboten. Diese ist vom Türkischen Paragliding Verband zertifiziert und bietet dir die Ausbildung im Rahmen der Erteilung einer Türkischen Fluglizenz.

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