Ören, the cosy fisher mens village

Ören, Milas - das gemütliche Fischerdörfchen, dass in allen Farben der Natur erstrahlt

ÖREN, Milas

Just for you… a little-known beauty

Ören (Milas) is an undercover tressure for the paragliding world that is yet not heard much. 

If you wish to spend your holiday in a quiet, peaceful, and not crowded environment, Ören is the place to be. The village has its own rhythm given by the operation in the small fishing port. The small yacht harbour is for small and medium-sized boats. It has a yacht mooring capacity of 416 yachts and has been serving since 2015.

It is a holiday destination with a humble spirit, decorating itself with olive and orange trees. During this time, you will be away from exaggeration. Typical results of mass tourism, such as tourist markets and crowded shopping streets, will not bother you. Sailors worldwide love the tiny port during their cruises in the Gulf of Gökova.– Away from thigh-society sailing clubs of Bodrum etc. 


Ören is located 40 km south of the province capital Milas and 60 km southeast of Bodrum. It sits in the middle of the north coast of the Gulf of Gokova. It is one of the most beautiful seas in Turkey.

Don`t mistake Ören-Milas for Ören in Balıkesir, located about 450 km north of the coastline.


In 2021 approximately 3300 people were living in the centre of Ören. That number reaches up to 30 thousand during holiday periods. 

Ancient routes

Ören was built on the remains of the Keramos (Ceramos) settlement, an ancient civilization thousands of years old. The ruins of the city, named after Keramos, the founder of the art of pottery, are still visitable while walking around the city. Keramos was also the episcopal centre of Byzantium for a period. 

Please meet the sleeping lady of Ören

The coastal relief behind Ören appears like the silhouette of a sleeping woman lying next to the village and its bay. It is impossible not to see the mountain line without having the same association. Especially during the sunset, the golden colours taint everything in an unreal beautiful picture. 

The actual name of this mountain line is ‘Kocadağ’, and the hill in the middle is ‘Alatepe’. The unique relief invites Trekking / Mountain Biking and Paragliding enthusiasts to have unforgettable hours in this environment.


Of course, we came across this touristic jewel in the context of our Paragliding activities in Turkey. Especially for Pilots who want to enjoy an individual flying holiday away from the flying crowd queuing in long lines at the take-off, this is the place to be!! After taking off from 640 Meters over the yacht harbour to fly into the deep blue sea, the view is overwhelming. Soring in the evening when the “sleeping beauty” is shining in gold will boost your senses to an for you unknown level.

Non-flying family members and friends can join this experience through a tandem flight operated by professional pilots. Get in touch with us to book your tandem flight with the best professional tandem pilots in the region.  

More information about Paragliding in Ören you will find here.

 What else, what else in Ören?

There is an association in Ören formed by friendly people who love nature sports and try to do nice things together at every possible opportunity. This association, called Ördost Ören Nature Sports Association, is pioneering many beautiful things. They offer canoeing, hiking, and many other activities under experienced guidance.

Run Into turquoise waters…

Turkish seas are inviting for a swim all over the country. But here in Ören, you will enjoy an incredible bath in beautiful colours. Depending on the time of the day and the sun’s angle, you will swim in blinding turquoise or deep blue waters. Moreover, you will enjoy clean beaches, far from the crowd of the tourism industry. 

In the time left over from paragliding, we can first recommend swimming. On the landing area, directly 50m later, is the sea. We can see you running towards the sea 🙂

Ören beaches are divided into two clay and sandy ones. Many bays and beaches are known but not entirely explored, large and small, in and near Ören. You can enter some of these for a small fee and some without paying any fee. 

Events and Festivals

In addition, many local and international festivals are organized in this coastal neighbourhood and its surroundings. 

Since the climate is good in all seasons, these organizations are deliberately spread over a year. They aim to target guests in the region with attractive events even in the off-season. After a 2-year break due to the pandemic, all organizations were started at full speed in 2022. Ahoy! 

Here are some of these events. 

  • 3rd Askıda Bike Festival
  • Fish Festival
  • Olive Harvest Festival
  • Canoe Festival
  • Ören Arts and Culture Festival
  • Into the Woods Music Festival
  • Various Paragliding Festivals / Competitions
  • Lavender Festival
  • Oil Wrestling Festival

Getting Hungry? 

Unless you are in the fishing ban period, fresh seafood is almost guaranteed in Ören. 

It is an obligation to come here and taste the unique fishes of the Mediterranean.

Turkey’s hunting ban varies from region to region between 15 April and 15 September. This prohibition covers all kinds of fishing from the sea surface to a depth of 24 meters. Fish in the spawning period should be left on their own to reproduce, and conditions should be created to allow them to produce. 

Vegetarian or Vegan?

Even thinking about vegetarian/vegan dishes cooked with olive oil makes our mouths watery. We cannot help ourselves; they are so yummy! They are an indispensable part of Mediterranean cuisine. The West coast of Türkiye is famous for ‘zeytinyagli’ dishes. It means different vegetables cooked with olive oil from their olive trees. Also, this region is the heart of the olive oil industry due to its flora and climate. 

In general, restaurants in Ören have located either parallel to the coastline or in the city centre on the main road.

On the 24th evening of December 2021, we chose to go to one of these seafront fish restaurants. It was accompanied by the smell of the sea, of course. The weather is around 14 degrees, chill but sunny, not too cold, even though we were prepared.

On recommendation, we found a hospitable restaurant where delicious food was prepared with fresh seafood and vegetables. As it started to get darker, the temperature dropped below 10 degrees. The stove in the centre of the restaurant was used for heating and as an oven to toast our bread and prepare our appetizers. The authentic and traditional practical spirit and the smell of food being prepared in the restaurant were outstanding. We left at the end of the night with big stomachs and smily faces.

We haven’t gone yet, but we heard a lot about Yakamoz pide restaurant. Simply to say, pide is a kind of Pizza. This place is on the list to try on our first visit.