Türkiye is not called Turkey anymore

Hello from Türkiye!

Yes, Turkey’s official name is not called Turkey anymore. It is Türkiye. By the Turkish government, it is requested to be used in all paperwork between Türkiye and anywhere abroad. Especially in all official documents. The reason for this, is that the thousands of years of experience of the Turkish state and nation are represented under the Turkish brand.

Türkiye is becoming more conscious of its image internationally

The issue of using the name Türkiye in reverse Turkey in international media came to the agenda for the first time on 27 December 2019. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has requested to write ‘made in Türkiye’ instead of ‘Made in Turkey’ during his speech.

Subsequently, a circular on the name change was published in the Official Gazette No. 31679 on 04 December 2021, numbered 2021/24. It is titled “Use of the phrase ‘Türkiye’ as a Trademark” and it was stated that “Within this framework, within the scope of the efforts to strengthen the “Türkiye” brand. In all kinds of activities and correspondence, especially in official relations with other states and international institutions and organizations. The necessary sensitivity will be shown in the use of the phrase “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey”, “Türkei”, “Turquie” etc.”.

Official campaigns: #helloTürkiye & #sayTürkiye


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In January, a campaign was prepared by the Turkish Ministry of Communications. With the slogan ‘hello Türkiye’ to encourage and support the use of the name ‘Türkiye’. The video was shared both domestically and internationally. #helloTürkiye has accelerated its spread with a hashtag.

The second leg of the campaign, ‘Say Türkiye’, was launched in February 2022 with the same purpose.

Here you can watch the official #helloTürkiye video.

“hello Türkiye” campaign by the Directorate of Communications – YouTube

Türkiye has been registered its new name with the UN

According to a news article dated 03.02.2022 on the website of the United Nations (UN) Türkiye office, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu sent a letter addressed to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on 01 June 2022. He requested that Türkiye be used instead of Turkey in all official relations, and it started to be used in a brief time.

However, it was only after an announcement made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on 06.06.2022 that it spread to the entire world.

What happens now since Turkey becomes Türkiye

The name change has been done many times in the last century. Many country and city names have been changed for various reason. Myanmar, Cabo Verde, Burkina Faso, Swaziland, Sri Lanka, Ivory Coast, Eswatini, New York, Saint Petersburg, and Mumbai are some of and most known of them.

It means that all corporate identity documents, internet sites, signature sections in correspondence, business cards, brochures, all paperwork abroad, and everything that says ‘made in Turkey’ produced for abroad will be changed. This change has been made completely on the official websites of Türkiye, everywhere is now called Türkiye.

The change of the Logo of turkey tourism is one of the os t visual updates since then

Of course, it is much easier to implement changes electronically than it is to amend already printed materials.

Although there are opinions that the letter ‘ü’ may be a problem. In German, ‘ue’ is used in cases where ‘ü’ cannot be written, but since this rule is not known and applied by all countries of the world, it seems that ‘u’ will be used only in cases where ‘ü’ cannot be used. However, www.Turkiye.gov.tr has chosen to use ‘u’ instead of ‘ü’.

It is a fact that there will be confusion about this change for a while. It will take years to complete change, but the desired result will certainly be achieved in the end.