Festive’n’fly in Akpınar -Erdemli. 27-28th Aug 2022

Erdemli Akpinar - a new Paragliding Area in Turkey is gettign introdduced by Paragliding-Turkey.com

The sky is getting colourful.

For the first time in its history, a paragliding festival is organized in the Akpınar neighbourhood of Erdemli district. This peaceful and quiet village is located one hour -60 km- from Mersin centre.

Akpınar residents and the festival organizers are getting ready to host hundreds of people on the 27-28th of August.


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A festival is worthy of August 30, Victory Day.

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This festival is organized by Akdeniz Paragliding and Adrenaline Sports Club (AKYAS) and is dedicated to August 30, Victory Day of Türkiye. Without a doubt, this is one of the crucial days in Türkiye. For this reason, this important day is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and ceremony all over the nation.

Surely, Akpınar paragliding festival perfectly suits the meaning the Victory Day. In other words, it means freedom, independence, and belief in unity. Don’t you think so?

Come, whether you fly or not.

120 paragliding enthusiasts and hundreds of audience willing to share this passion will make this magnificent festival real. Everyone is invited to the 2-day event and will be no participation fee charged.

Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the pilots and take-off transfers will be provided by AKYAS.

If you don’t just want to watch this festival from afar but also want to fly, there is a place for you in the blue sky. Those interested are therefore offered the opportunity to fly tandem with experienced pilots for a small charge.

But let us warn you, it can be addictive.

Erdemli-Akpinar - Paragliding Event flyer. Festival 27.-28. August 2022

Göktepe Take-off: Waiting to be explored.

The take-off area at ASL 2000 m has been extensively and meticulously organized. The road to the peak has also been overhauled with the same care. There is a big and safe landing area (ASL 1450m) which is suitable for of all level pilots.

This new flying area suits XC, triangle, and as well as thermal flights perfectly. We do not doubt that participating pilots will find what they want.

Grab your tent!

Those who love camping: an extensive camping area is waiting for the festival.

For two breakfasts, two lunches, and one dinner, for the people who stay in the camp will be charged a nominal fee of 150 TL. Electricity, shower, and WC facilities are available and included in this symbolic price. Things are well thought before for whom to witness this colourful festival for the first time in its history.

There is a grocery store in a village within walking distance of the camping area as well.

Earlybirds who want to start Saturday early can also come to the campsite the night before and settle in.

Mediterranean Paragliding and Adrenaline Sports Club (AKYAS)

Hüseyin Atlı, the Chairman of the Board of AKYAS, is a versatile person who has devoted his heart to this sport and Mersin. You can see that he is passionate about whatever he does. He has contributed a lot to the realization of this festival together with all the board members. The efforts of other club members are not small. This team has been preparing for several years and has been working hard until the last moment. They aim to offer the best of everything to the festival participants.

Akpinar Neighborhood

 “Akpinar” means “the pure spring”. This tiny villiage is a modest, self-sufficient settlement. The total population was just under 200 at the 2021 census. The inhabitants of the Akpınar neighbourhood are as excited as the festival participants. They open the doors of their neighbourhood to everyone who wants to have an unforgettable experience.

Festival Details

First Day (27/08/2022 – Saturday)

08:00Breakfast and then settling in the camp, registration procedures.
09:30Opening: National Anthem and minute of silence for the August 30 Victory Day
10.00 Departure for take-off
10.30Start of flights (Flights will continue throughout the day)
20.00-24.00 Campfire and entertainment with DJ.

The second day (28/08/2022 – Sunday)

09.30Departure for take-off
10.00Start of flights (Flights will continue throughout the day)
14.00 Lunch
19.00Departure from the camp.


As a team, we wish you good fun, pleasant, safe flights, and, most importantly, a happy landing.

We would be glad if you share your festival experiences with us below 😊

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