Your Paragliding-Dictionary

Paragliding in Alanya. Perfect combination of flying and family holiday. Easy flying conditions and very reliable.

If you plan to fly in Turkey, knowing a little Turkish is not harmful to anyone, even helpful. 

When local pilots are talking among themselves, evaluating the situation, or when you have a problem or simply grasp what is going on, it may help you a little bit. 

For this purpose, we have listed below some small translations that you may find useful.

Wind / Weather

Wind: Rüzgar

Cloud: Bulut

Rain: Yağmur

Storm: Fırtına

Tubulance: Türbülans

Gust: Ani ve şiddetli rüzgar

Thermic: Termik

Directions: Yönler

North: Kuzey

East: Doğu

South: Güney

West: Batı 

Left: Sol

Right: Sağ

Front: Ön

Back: Arka

Up: Yukarı

Down: Asağı

Speed: Hız

Fast: Hızlı

Slow: Yavaş

Run: Koş!

Stop: Dur


Glider: Kanat

Harness: Harness 

Break: Fren

Rescue: Yedek

Cell: Hücre

Line: İp

Life Vest: Can Yeleği


Take off area: Take off – Kalkış alanı

Landing area: İniş alanı

Restaurant: Restaurant / Restorant

Toilet: Tuvalet 

Good flight: İyi uçuşlar

Good luck: İyi şanslar

See you! Görüşürüz!