What we do

With our detailed knowledge about known and still hidden paragliding spots in Turkey, we make your Paragliding Holiday an unforgettable experience in Turkey

Hotels, Car rentals Paragliding- and others like excursions and other Services – all out of one hand. 

We will make sure you will find the local support you are looking for. Thanks to our great network we are able to arrange things for you which you won’t find else where. With our expertise and specialized knowledge we are offering much more then the other platforms or standard catalogues. 

No matter if you want to enjoy a Paragliding holiday in one of the great and famous paragliding destinations, if you want to do a self driving paragliding journey through Turkey  where flying is the main purpose of your travel with several locations involved according to your personal level and demands of you want to combine paragliding in your family holiday with your beloved ones and get some good air time for yourself.

You want to combine Paragliding with other spots i.e. golf, diving, biking or skiing? We know where to go and create your tailor made package for you and your family.

Enjoy optionally a guided holiday where you can enjoy the journey from the passenger seat while all other considerations are taken care for you. And you will experience Turkey first hand in all details from us loving that country

Of course we can arrange flying based support and coaching for you as well up to professional full time SIV-Trainings.

Our Mission: Your Paragliding Experience in Turkey 

We are not just offering packages. YOU give us the outline by telling us what you expect, what you need and what you want. We will create YOUR HOLIDAY around those 


Does`t matter if you are are looking into a 100% flying dedicated Paragliding Adventure, if you want to include culture and sightseeing or if you are travelling with your family and want to have the very best for everyone, we will make your Holiday in Turkey and show you the best and most dedicated spots along your route. 

All Levels

Tell us your level and we will be able to give you our best travel recommendation in Turkey. 

Easy flying locations with predictable and reliable conditions where you can enjoy your flying hours and gain confidence in calm air or strong thermals in a country which offers breathtaking XC-Conditions with new adventures even for well experienced and ambitious XC-Pilots. 

– We will get you to YOUR PERFECT SPOT.

Paragliding Holidays in Turkey is so much more than “just” Ölüdeniz…

Of course, everybody knows Ölüdeniz as THE famous Paragliding destinations in Turkey and on the globe. But it is not the only one ind Turkey. And maybe there more suitable flying areas for you based on what you are looking for.

5 main mountain lines and more than 8100km of coastline offers you a broad variety

With its 5 major Mountain ridges with an elevation of up to 5000 m and more than 8000 km coastline, Turkey offers an endless variety of Flying spots. Some of them are well known on the globe, but some are still hidden and a secret gem, still unknown for international paragliding tourists who are planning to visit turkey

High peaks with strong thermals and great XC-Conditions, awesome soaring ridges and picture perfect open and wide beginner friendly spots – Turkey has everything you need and everything you never ever dared to dream about.

Most of the take offs in Turkey are spacious and very well prepared due to commercial tandem operations. Pilots enjoy wide, open and properly leveled, synthetic turf or even paved.

Trust our expertise makeing the very best of your holiday to ensure that you will find YOUR perfect conditions in the season you are traveling

We know which season in which location is best and when you should better choose another spot. The very best spot might become disappointing if you visit them in the wrong season.

We are your first contact for Paragliding journey / activity in Turkey:

For your independent Paragliding Holiday

If you are planning or considering an independent paragliding holiday in Turkey just get in touch with us. No matter if you want to stay in one location or want to do a self driving round trip. Because we ensure to make the very best out of your Flying Holiday in Turkey. Based on your requirements and needs we will develop your taylor made journey. No matter if the full focus is on Paragliding or just want to embed some days of great flying along your family or business trip

For your Tandem / Passenger Flight Booking

You always wanted to live the everlasting human dream of flying? We arrange your Paragliding Tandem Flight in Turkey. Because we will provide you with Turkey’s best Passenger Pilots. No matter if you tell us the preferred location in Turkey based on your Turkey Trip or you need a recommendation where to travel in order to have the best Flying area. We make your Paragliding Flying Experience in Turkey.

For your Guided Paragliding Holiday

No matter if you just want to have on-site guidance in the Flying area, providing you the essential information, or you want to have a full time guided holiday on a very personal level. Just get in touch with us and we put things into reality for you.