Local food advice for Pamukkale and Denizli

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Wolf

Pamukkale carries the characteristics of Denizli cuisine but also contains the magnificent elements of the Aegean region.

An extensive soup variety welcomes you in the beginning;

  • Gındıra soup (Gındıra çorbası)
  • Top tarhana soup (Top tarhana çorbası)
  • Ovmaç soup (Ovmaç çorbası)
  • Cat cowpea soup (Kedi börülcesi çorbası)
  • Mushroom soup (Mantar çorbası) are viral in this region

You should try the vegetable dishes cooked specially with olive oil, the cornerstone of Aegean cuisine, even if you are not a vegetarian. For instance;

  • Stuffed Pazı (Pazı sarması)
  • Artichokes with broad beans (Baklalı Enginar)
  • Stuffed Artichokes (Enginar Dolması)
  • Red kidney beans cooked with olive oil (Zeytinyağlı Barbunya)
  • Fresh black-eyed peas (Sıyırma Taze Börülce) 

In the region, which stands in a completely different place in meaty dishes. These are,

  • Denizli Kebabı
  • Lamb kapama (Kuzu kapama)
  • Buldan kapama (Buldan kapaması)
  • Tas kapama (Tas kapama)
  • Vinegared meat (Sirkeli et)
  • Liver rolls (Ciğer sarma)
  • Stuffed arm (Kol dolması) are those for the carnivore who want to discover different flavours.

Mehmets’ Heaven

This is probably one of the best options for those who want a local and good meal in an authentic setting with white travertines.

The restaurant is not directly on the main road, about two minutes walk from the road. This reduces the sound of road traffic which we find very good in this respect. 

The staff are very interested when you step in; they try to help you. Moreover, it is possible to communicate in English. 

At the entrance, a local woman sits on the floor, preparing a special dish for the customer inside. This dish is called ‘Gözleme’, a thin dough leaf stuffed with your wishes. It could be minced meat with flour and onion, cheese with locally grown herbs, seasoned potato or mushrooms or both or something else from a wide variety. 

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of opportunities to make vegetarians happy

They make their desserts very well here, especially the Künefe, which has roots in the southeast Türkiye.- We would suggest it from the heart.

If you want to drink something warm, choose the famous Turkish apple tea, lemonade, local soda water or Turkish beer. A nice view of the shining white travertines of Pamukkale is renowned for will accompany you.

General information: Dining in Denizli

If you are travelling through Pamukkale on the way south, Denizli will offer you an adequate selection of restaurants in all price ranges. Just a 15-20 minute drive from Pamukkale is even worth it if you stay there to have a change. 

Traditional Dishes in the area will give you the taste of Denizli

  • Denizli Kebabi: Tandoori kebab made from lamb
  • Caput Asi: Lamb meat and rice with grapevine leaves
  • Biber Tatari is a cold appetiser served with garlic yoghurt and spicy oil
  • Kiide: Pastry made with cökelek cheese (local cheese from buttermilk) and cream
  • Arabaşı: Rabbit meat or chicken
  • Denizli Zafer Gazozu (Soda): A local soda brand made and sold only in Denizli. Two brothers are selling two versions, recognisable on green or yellow emblems. 

Our local food advice for Denizli

Tandırcı Kardeşler

Denizli Kebab is a must. Loong-cooked Tandori Kebab from lamb comes in the middle of your table on a plate of bread, roasted tomatoes and onion. Traditionally, you will eat with your hands only – no cutlery. The tradition says meat loses its taste once it comes in touch with metal. Aside from a salad and a pepper/chilli if you want to bite something spicy in between.

Garson Şükrü

Family-owned restaurants of Mr. Sükrü, who is running the restaurant and serving the guests himself. The most popular specialities are roasting with lemon and leaf liver. Its spicy appetiser with dried peppers and quail eggs is a legend. Try the fig dessert if you still find it someplace in your stomach. Worth the money

Kebapçı Dursun and alternative Kebapçı Baki

Denizli is famous for Lamb, and here you find unique lamb meat dishes cooked traditionally. One of the most delicious kebabs you may ever eat. As we mentioned, don`t be surprised: Denizli kebab comes without cutlery

Hacı Şerif

Legendary local desserts in Turkey are widely known semolina halva dishes. But don’t go on an empty stomach; otherwise, you might skip dinner for the day.